Ah, memes. They humour me.

Ah, memes. They humour me.

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"I intend to live forever, or die trying"
Groucho Marx.

The 80’s can still teach us much…

Holy disco, Batman! It’s the Bat-Dance!

In a world of such great evil, this is what the people need; the supersonik electronik.


Owning a small, furry creature, accidentally feeding him after midnight and having to fight his evil spawn. Oh wait, I mean watching Gremlins.

Is this a blog post? Nope! Chuck Testa!


Blogging, much like existence, is astonishing. Growing up in the era of CDs, video and home computers, many would assume that one such as I would understand blogging instantly. This is not the case. I am currently astonished by the idea of blogging.

Many things are astonishing. The mathematical improbability of life even existing is astonishing. The sheer chance of Earth being made of the right materials, being in the right place at the right time, is astonishing. The way life has adapted to suit the Earth is astonishing. The 1960’s Batman series is astonishing. 

People may say that I am an easily astonished person, but to them I would say, “Riddle me this, who is truly not astonished by the wonders of existence?’